All Natural Drying Ear Treatment

All Natural Drying Ear Treatment


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What do you do when your pet has moist ears that are causing a minor irritation but there is no open wound? This could be caused by mild allergies or just a case of swimmers ear.

Spirit’s Bounty created the Ear Drying Formula for those reasons. Our Formula contains a soothing blend of astringent/drying extracts with the antimicrobial effect of colloidal silver that will help to sooth ears that have become irritated.

• Is veterinarian formulated
• Vegan
• No GMO’s, or steroids
• Animal friendly
• Hand crafted in Kentucky

This productis not to be used on any ears with open wounds or infections. This product is not intended to diagnose or treat any disease.
Ingredients: Witch Hazel U.S.P., distilled water, Organic Calendula tincture, Organic Chamomile tincture, Colloidal Silver, Berberis vulgaris 200C & SB Formula Mix.

Product is a 1 oz glass bottle with a dropper.